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Pinch of Spice

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Ankit Goyal

We offer an authentic Indian dining experience.

Located near Regent Cinemas in Dean Street, the business offers a wide range of succulent Indian dishes, cooked by Indian chefs.

We have strived to create a warm, inviting dining area and has a focus on customer service.

The restaurant is amazing and took a lot of time and effort. A lot of hard work from the builder and interior designer has been put in.

The owner, Ankit Goyal moved to Australia six years ago and spent several years working at the Grant Hyatt hotel in Melbourne before moving to Albury.

He has run pizza, kebab and pasta shops in the local area, and felt the time was right to serve food from his home country.

The menu has got the blend of southern and northern Indian with modern Indian curries. It’s a different blend of spices, made traditionally. We have four chefs working here and they’re all from India originally.

Pinch of Spice offers dine in meals from the menu and buffet, and take-away options.

The restaurant feels cosy and the food is authentic.

What makes us different is the decor of the place, there’s a fair bit of difference in the food, the feel of the restaurant and the way people are treated.

We believe it's just the place to be.

Lunch is available Wednesday to Sunday from 11am to 2pm, and dinner each night from 5pm to 10pm with various buffets available.

People can make reservations or simply walk in.

For more information call Pinch of Spice on 02 6041 4988

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